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Hello Readers, Eid Mubarak!!

My childhood memories associated with Eid-ul-Azha are still very clear. I was raised in a joint family, so just imagine what will be the vibes of Chand raat and Eid. All the male’s in the family including my small cousins try to get to the Eid namaz on time. I miss that chaos, the preparations, and the fragrances of the “attar”.

The girls, including myself, would get ready and watch the qurbani all the while helping our mothers in the kitchen. Laying the table, taking out the fancy dinner set for the feast and bowls filled with dry fruits and sweets.

I loved how my mother made it a tradition of buying new table-cloth, serving bowls and flowers for every Eid. A little something was always added to the decor of the drawing room. I never knew that I would remember the patterns of those tablecloths years later.

But here I am, reminiscing about the Eids I had spent with my mom, be it in the kitchen or around the house for Eid preparations. It’s been a year since I spent Eid with my family – in the house that is still filled with people I love with all my heart. But no wonder that early morning phone calls with Eid wishes and blessing always makes me happy. And dressing up was always the best part.
 This is what I wore for the Eid 2016.

Also friends this was our first Eid at our new apartment in Bangalore. We ( my sister and me) definitely miss home but still manage to prepare an Eid lunch. And we are so proud of ourselves because the food turned out to be extremely tasty :)

 Hope you all liked it.
Until next stay sassy and always classy.


  1. What could hv been much better to see such delicious food and awesome looking pictures.. Your posts always have that Sassy and Classy effect all way long from the very first description till the end of ur post. May God shower blessings upon u.. N lately but surely would like to wish you and ur family a very happy Eid Mubarak.. Be the way Miss. Sassy and Classy!! Keep Going!! :-)

  2. Amazing photos!
    I'm following you hope u follow me back ;)


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