How to take the perfect Flatlay

Hello all,

Over the past years or so, I think I have mastered the art of taking the perfect flatlay. Now if you follow me on Instagram (link here) you guys will know half of my feed is full of flatlay and my love for capturing it. Apparently Flatlays are images that are mostly pictures of products that are taken perfectly parallel to the ground. I have always received a lot of positive comments on my flatlays, so I am going to share all of secrets in this blogpost.
1. Props:

The very first thing you need to do is gather your items. I highly recommend choosing items with a similar color palette to make the image look more cohesive. Also choose items of different sizes. For example, I like to use cameras, makeup, books and small plants. 
2. Background:

Next, find a background. I mostly use marble slab which I got it from a local store, but marble contract paper will work totally fine. You can actually use anything from a white surface to a wooden floor. I recommend using a background that i…

Midi Skirts // Wearing and styling tips

Hello there,
I don't really do fashion "how to" post  moreover I don't consider myself hugely fashionable and highly knowledgeable when it comes to high on trend stuff running on the ramp. I wear what I like, feeling happy and confident. I gather all my inspirations from the people around and reading a lot of Fashion magazines. 
However coming back to the lookbook, we all know how Midi skirts are the perfect ladylike addition to every Spring/Summer wardrobe. There are so many options to play around : you can layer one over a long dress or tuck  your graphic tee into the waistline. But before you whip out your midi and head out of the door, here I am sharing few tips which I believe will help others in styling that chic Midi and look gorgeous.

1. Keep it Feminine : A flouncy midi skirt is a feminine statement piece, so let yourself feel girlie and accessorize with pearls or gemstone, or you can also add a statement  clutch into it.
2. Choose a bold color : The most effort…

My healthy smoothie

Hey there,
How is April treating you guys. Recently I've been on a crazy strict diet not that I don't eat that extra mayo in my fries but yes because I have been dealing with so many food sensitivities lately. So as a result I prepare this delicious smoothie, so that I could eat something nutritious and yummy and its just so easy to make! I don't usually get time for a proper breakfast and smoothie makes life so much easier, you just have to put all the ingredients in the blender and blend blend blend!! This smoothie have lots of healthy fat to keep you full for the day and its one of the easiest to prepare.  Its also gluten, dairy and sugar free. And its yummy af too. Win!!

Want to try it?? Recipe below.
Prep time: 5 minutes
1 mango roughly cut into pieces 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened) 3 cubes ice
I always like to topped my smoothie with something, this time I went for 1 tbsp Choco Hazelnut Granola of  The Nibble box   and 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds. 
Blend and Enjoy!

Happy Summer.

3 ways to Improve your Visual Strategy for Instagram

Hey everyone,

You’ve found your way to this post because you’re a blogger, or simply a passionate Instagrammer, or maybe the one who loves reading my blog. Chances also are, that you care a lot about your Instagram growth while swimming through the waves of changes Instagram has been sending our way. I am a firm believer that whenever there is change, there should be a reevaluation of strategies. In this case, it’s important to rethink our visual strategy for Instagram.

Some of the recent and controversial enhancements on Instagram include the non-chronological algorithm update, Instagram for Business and now, Instagram Stories. A combination of these changes has resulted in lower engagement. This topic frequently came up with fellow bloggers and Instagrammer and I realized that everyone experienced a sudden drop in engagement levels. Instagram is still working on perfecting the new algorithm so for now, we can only control what’s ours; the visual story we create on our Instagram profil…

all about Casual

Lately I have been all about casual looks, reaching for a simple white cotton shirt or tee, bell pants which are so comfortable for the summer heat. I added the mules for an extra edge to a simple ensemble. 
There are few piece of clothes I have traumatic memories and childhood pictures of. Bell bottoms used to belong to that category. Believe it or not these pants are 5 years old, they never fitted me back then but Woolaaa oldie is really goldie!!

I hope you guys like this look. Tell me what would be your "all about casual" look? I would love to hear about it! 
Until then stay sassy and always classy Xo

Denim on the go

Hey everyone,

 I had a travel post planned for today but while deleting pictures from my phone I saw these pictures from a shopping day out. Also yes guys I am back from Assam feeling so thankful for the last 2 weeks- its been such an enriching, much needed and (somewhat) stress-free break from work and everything. Now I am back to Bangalore, enjoying the warmer weather and yet again making a promise to be very active in my Blogspher!!

Well the title says it all "Denim on the go"

I don't know what it is about Denim dresses, but they always seemed relatively more comfy and stylish than any other. It's all about staying comfortable, yet fashionable when it comes to street style. Denim is a classic look that anyone can pull off with so many options. 

Denim Dress : Trifted from Pondicherry Scarf: W for Women Tassels Earing: Global Desi Mules: ASOS
I hope you like this look. Thank you for stopping by! See you in my next.

Until then stay Sassy and always Classy.

Pink Is This Spring’s Warmest Colour

[Source] The Yoyokulala If we had to pick one song to describe the most obvious trend of Spring ’17, it would have to be “Think Pink” from Funny Face. It is an oldie but quite the goldie as Kay Thompson’s Maggie Prescott – a character based of the legendary Diana Vreeland – sings about how she wants everything and everybody to be in pink, basically.