How to take the perfect Flatlay

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Over the past years or so, I think I have mastered the art of taking the perfect flatlay. Now if you follow me on Instagram (link here) you guys will know half of my feed is full of flatlay and my love for capturing it. Apparently Flatlays are images that are mostly pictures of products that are taken perfectly parallel to the ground. I have always received a lot of positive comments on my flatlays, so I am going to share all of secrets in this blogpost.

1. Props:

The very first thing you need to do is gather your items. I highly recommend choosing items with a similar color palette to make the image look more cohesive. Also choose items of different sizes. For example, I like to use cameras, makeup, books and small plants. 

2. Background:

Next, find a background. I mostly use marble slab which I got it from a local store, but marble contract paper will work totally fine. You can actually use anything from a white surface to a wooden floor. I recommend using a background that is not too distracting from the items. 

3. Lighting and Camera

Put your surface next to a window. I don't really use artificial lighting because I find that sunlight in the daytime is the best. To avoid shadows, wait until the sun is high in the sky or else the shadow will be way too harsh. Now talking about camera, you can either hold it, or put it in a tripod. If you put it on a tripod, you have to play around with the height and the angle. It is best to be completely parallel to the floor.

Lastly, for camera setting, I like to use manual because it is easier to control how light the picture is. Automatic works fine too so you can just adjust the lighting in post-production.

So yes, that's all for this post, hope you all like it. Also I will be off for few weeks, since I am working on brand new UI, which hopefully will be live in few weeks Inshallah!

Until next stay sassy and always classy



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