Hello all

Welcome to Sassy n Classy! 

So happy to have you here to join me in my adventures. Here you’ll find little bits and pieces of my favorite things in life – from fashion & travel to home & lifestyle. 

It all started one quiet evening on the 13th of May 2016, when I gathered all my strength and courage to start a blog. Everything about blogging seemed so daunting to me, uploading pictures, being consistent, having a catchy name etc. I have been really interested in blogging since the time I discovered the beautiful online blogging community back in 2010 where I use to see my sister blogging. I thought I would create a little corner for myself in the Internet world and share some of my interest.

I have a degree in Electronics and Communication and currently working as an IoT Software Developer. I am also preparing for my Masters.

For all this and for more to come, I thank you for stopping by my blog.



  1. Well said miss.. It's always hard to gather all ur courage and strength..and start something off it.. But that's the only thing that will make u learn something that's worthy of striding for.. With best wishes..inflow some datas into the internet with a touch of.. Sassy n Classy!! :-)

    1. Aww thank u so much.. :) You're too kind with your words. Stay tune



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