90's k i d

Hello all, 
I am a 90’s kid who loves to party, love to follow my dreams, love to walk in a park with my best friend, and love to laugh out loud on a nasty joke. I love to cry my heart out when in grief, and last but not the least I love to be in love. Like everyone else, I always used to look forward to the weekends to relax, catch a movie, pamper myself and catch that extra wink of sleep. But now, my weekends are busy creating posts for the blog. And I am not complaining because I am loving every bit of this new journey.
I believe happiness is a choice and you are responsible for your own happiness. So, choose whatever you want to do in your life, take that risk, take that plunge, make that ‘CHOICE’. Trust me you will be the “Happiest”. 

I am wearing 
Graphic Tee: Forever 21 (click)

Skirt: Brandy Melville (click)

Shoes: Addidas Originals (click)

Bag: Forever 21 (click)

Sunnies: Trifted 

Hope you all like it
Until next Stay sassy and always classy



  1. Loved it.. Being a 90's kid.. The post brought a smile on my face.. Wish u always make everyone smile like this. Thank you.. Looking forward for your next post. :-)


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