Denim on the go

Hey everyone,

 I had a travel post planned for today but while deleting pictures from my phone I saw these pictures from a shopping day out. Also yes guys I am back from Assam feeling so thankful for the last 2 weeks- its been such an enriching, much needed and (somewhat) stress-free break from work and everything. Now I am back to Bangalore, enjoying the warmer weather and yet again making a promise to be very active in my Blogspher!!

Well the title says it all "Denim on the go"

I don't know what it is about Denim dresses, but they always seemed relatively more comfy and stylish than any other. It's all about staying comfortable, yet fashionable when it comes to street style. Denim is a classic look that anyone can pull off with so many options. 


Denim Dress : Trifted from Pondicherry
Scarf: W for Women
Tassels Earing: Global Desi
Mules: ASOS

I hope you like this look. Thank you for stopping by! See you in my next.

Until then stay Sassy and always Classy.


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