An Escape to a Lost City :Gokarna

Lying off the grid,Gokarna: this beach town is sleeping in a dreamy silence. The waters of time stand still here and life sways slowly to their lullaby. Happiness here is sought in simple things, like lying down on the cool sand and hearing the gushing sound of waves against the shore. And looking up at a blanket of a million stars sparkling against the black sky. The moon would be shining in your city as well, the same stars will be twinkling above your terrace back home. But it’s an overwhelming feeling looking at them from here, from an unnoticeable dot on the big World map. Gazing the silent town’s affairs from a little window far away from home, I suddenly realized that life is lived in these little moments, not milestones.

Our journey began as an escape (our as in Sabbi and Samee). From a plan that began on the early October 2016, we had planned and started saving up and were ready to embark on an adventure we didn't expect to fall through. We went through maps and blogs and Instagram hashtag to know more about the beautiful city of Gokarna.

Let's go!!

It was the most beautiful, the cleanest stretch of sand I had ever seen in the entire country. While one side was flanked by the Arabian Sea, the other side was guarded by the rocky mountains of the Western Ghats. And in between, existed a secret realm that belonged to traveller’s from all over the world.


Hope you guys like it.
Until next stay sassy and always classy.

P.S. Stay tune for many more travel logs <3


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