Pondicherry. Hm..
Beautiful. Romantic.Yellow buildings.French colony..Coconuts. Artistic

That’s what we already know about this French colonization in India.

Going through my Pondicherry photo album was a timely reminder of my pending blog posts from the last to last month. My apologies there. OK so I have already posted on the Pondy look book (link) but yes there’s a lot more to share about this cute little French town.
Having heard so much about Pondy, we planned a very sudden vacation. Let me be straightforward with you. Pondicherry, during the peak season, it’s uncomfortably crowded. But the weather and the French colony will steal your heart.

I won't say that my stay at Pondicherry is good in fact I had a great time. Our homestay “Mantra” was a complete bliss and a an added “spark to the whole trip. I came across a lot of wonderful people, the city was as beautiful as one would hope.

Camera: Nikon FM10
Lens: 35-70mm, f/3.5-4.2
Film: Ilford - ISO400 (B&W negatives)


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