Sedulous // Welcome 2017

I honestly have no reason for being absent on this site other than life and all that comes with it... The past few weeks have flown by in an instant, I feel like I can't catch up. I've picked up extra hours at work and the holidays and party mood have taken up the rest of my free time.

I've never wanted to produce so much blog post  as I do now, I love this as much as I love my other hobbies. I'm literally a one man show, I do my codes and stuff, shoot for the blog, edit and execute my content so it’s tough to manage but then on the other hand I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy every part of it and I feel so blessed with all you guys support.

I'm hoping in this new year I can use it as a fresh start to post content on some sort of a schedule. I want our growth to be organic and genuine as this has never been about numbers to me, I'm just a girl who loves expression. I want 2017 to be much bigger and more better with lots of amazing experiences in my bucket. 

Skinny high ankle jeans H&M
White Solid Shirt Pepe Jeans 
Shoes Trifted

 Big love to one and all, until then
Stay sassy and always classy


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