Pinch of YUM

It is true: We (Sister and me) absolutely love cooking. So I decided to spread the love and write a blog post on why I like it- and perhaps it will inspire some of you non-foodies out there to break out the aprons and give it a go too!!

1. Everyone loves food

I think that one of the reasons that I first fell in-love with cooking was that food is the universal love language. No matter who you are, you need food to live. It transcends cultures and language barriers: everyone, anywhere, eats. And everyone love nice tasty food, so we all flock to it.

Nothing makes me feel better, than inviting my friends around for some lunch or tea. Food brings people together because everyone loves it.
2.It is actually really easy
OK, so some people say they can’t cook. But you know what? I don’t believe them. Cooking is EASY. Cooking delicious, tasty dishes is EASY. Why? There is this thing called recipes. It is fool-proof. If you follow a recipe, then you will inevitably make a nice dish. I am still on the running to become a pro cook.
Here are some of the dishes for you guys.


      #1. Thai noodles with egg.

  #2.Potato Oats  with cheesy egg on top

#3.Congee with shredded fried chicken

   #4.Peanut butter bread with poached egg on top, kiwi for sides

   #5. Corn rice with garlic shrimp.

   #6. Rice with Egg curry.

#7. Lemon grass Chicken with garlic rice.

   #8.Lemon Rice with sauted baby corn and chicken

   #9 Egg Ramen

   #10.  Alu Thukpa

Hope you like it. Until next Stay sassy and always classy.


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