Mac n Cheese


So excited about the look in today’s post because I am wearing my favorite crop top which I wear all round the year. I have styled this crop top numerous times in different ways with skirts, trousers and yes, too many times with my jeans. See that’s why I love it so much. But today’s look is my favorite so far.

Besides that, I'm certainly happy to be living in this part of the city. The weather is mildly troubling, but nothing I cannot deal with. Okay so yes, I love PENCIL SKIRT. Here I am wearing one of my favorite pencil skirt which I purchased from Gangtok.  The first time I set my eyes on it, and I was like I have to get these.

You can pair a pencil skirt with a tee or a tank top or a crop top, anything you wish depending on your mood. That is the best part of having a pencil skirt in your wardrobe.

Hope you like my look here!
Until next, stay sassy and always classy.


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